ACSM 2019: The Science of Granny Jumps

One of my great privileges is working with PK, a 501(3)(c) dedicated to teaching parkour to special populations.  Founded in 2016 by three amazing ladies (who are also former students of mine), PK Move made waves recently at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual conference in Orlando where we presented the WORLD’S FIRST research study of parkour for seniors.  That’s not a typo. 

PK Move’s philosophy (which I obviously share) is that parkour – a discipline based on efficient, creative locomotion – is accessible to everyone, not just teenage males hopped up on Red Bull.

This first two rounds of this study took place over 4 months starting last summer.  The next round begins this fall, with hopes of securing a national grant. This will establish PK Move as a federally-recognized fall prevention program, helping us save thousands of lives with our curriculum.  Not bad for an activity often described as a “life-threatening” pursuit for “daredevils.”  Thank you to ACSM for letting us share the news.

The (preliminary) science is in – Play Is Good For You! 



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