Movers Mindset w/Coach Seanobi

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Craig and Melissa of the Movers Mindset podcast. We talked about developing parkour programs for seniors with PK That’s not a typo. The elderly need to play too! They also need to not fall down so much.

This is the core of PK Move’s mission – using parkour as the ultimate tool for senior fall prevention, which could legitimately save thousands of live every year!

Teaching parkour to older populations has taught me more about movement, rehabilitation, and how to find joy in exercise than anything else. In fact, it’s the single biggest influence on the way I approach MonkeyStyle classes and private coaching.

Along the way we also touch on fall prevention, how “exercise” and “movement” differ, what a butcher in Nepal taught me about movement, and why the iPhone heralds the end of society as we know it.

Have a listen to see how we square that circle…

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