SKO Cuffs!

Boulder reference! I’m talking, of course, about that indispensable yet oft-injured shoulder stabilizer – the rotator cuff. This tricky bundle of muscles and tendons is why our shoulders can move every which way without tearing themselves apart. Unfortunately, the rotator cuff itself can be very easy to injure. The muscles that comprise it are small, thin, and often under great pressure in movement. In fact, at over 600,000 surgeries per year, the rotator cuff tear is one of the most common surgeries in America. As anyone coming off a rotator cuff surgery can attest, the recovery process is slow, painful, and reversible.

Better To Avoid It

Here at MonkeyStyle we’re always going on about something called prehab. What is “prehab?” Prehab is the idea that the same movements used to rehabilitate an injured joint or limb can, and should, be used to maintain or build strength and mobility in healthy joints and limbs. In other words, heal the injury before it happens. We all have pain we ignore. We prefer to do the things we like, and no one likes doing physical therapy. Well, I have some tough love for you – you’re gonna do physical therapy. The only question is are you going to do it now, before you’re hurt, or later, after you’ve spent thousands on surgical repair?

There’s no getting away from it. You need to learn prehab if you want to maximize your training and avoid injury. The good news is prehab movements are simple to learn and, when done consistently, don’t take up a lot of time. Here’s a great series of prehab movements for the rotator cuff that will keep you swinging, punching, throwing and whatever else you like to do with your arms:

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