Straight from the monkey’s mouth…

“I’ve trained with Sean for 5+ years. During that time he focused on range of motion, strength, core and balance exercises that support normal everyday activities. He mixes up the routine to keep it interesting and challenging. As a result, at age 68, I am able to snow & water ski, golf, bike, hike, Standup paddle board, swim, kayak and do hand stand shoulder presses against a wall.”  – Jerry L.


“Sean was my trainer for several years, and he is innovative and challenging, I can’t wait to work with him again!”  – Eric M.


“I have been attending Seanobi’s group movement classes for a month now and I LOVE them!  He has found the perfect balance between a serious workout and playful time outside, and he attracts people with amazing attitudes on life.  These classes immediately became one of my weekly rituals.  Highly recommend!” – Aurelie R.

“First thing you should know about Sean – he’s very intelligent.  This might be an unusual spot to start for a movement coach recommendation, but bear with me. He’s someone who will take a long moment to consider your goals, your needs, where you want to go, and where you are right now. He does an excellent job breaking down complex movements into a series of progressions, and tailoring what you WANT to what you CAN. He uses that iterative process to help his students overcome both physical limitations and underlying fear. Typically, when someone claims they will help you conquer your fears, it often involves some questionably reckless behaviors.  Not in Sean’s case!  The man is a safety nut.  In years of working with me he saved me from myself more than once. Bonus: once you get to know Sean a little, you will learn that he has a delightfully quirky sense of humor – you will not be bored. Ten out of five stars!”Lena Y.