The pain relief and sedative effects of cannabis are well known.  This has been the main focus of prescription for former athletes, especially those in high-impact sports, but research is showing other potential upsides of cannabis consumption as it relates to performance, not simply pain relief.   Increased lung capacity and vasodilation (important factors in muscular force production), reduced anxiety (which aids the kind of abstract thinking required of highly coordinated motion), neuroprotection and neurogenesis (more and stronger nerve tissue means heightened coordination, agility, reflexes, spatial awareness, etc.) – these are but a few of the hypothesized effects certain strains of cannabis can induce in athletes.

While virtually all of this research is in its infancy, and highly restricted due to federal law, the early signs indicate that cannabis can be used as a performance-enhancing drug without the dangerous side effects of steroids and other banned substances.  The rapidly expanding number of non-smoking options for consumption. and the removal of CBD from WADA’s banned substance list, are additional factors driving the rise of the “cannathlete.”

Have YOU ever wanted to combine cannabis and exercise, but the idea of finding the right strain/dose/etc. seems daunting?  MonkeyStyle is uniquely positioned to guide you through such an experiment. In addition to 15 years in the fitness industry, Seanobi has worked in cannabis for the past four as a cultivator, budtender, and researcher.  After co-founding Colorado’s first CannaBootCamp – “Huff n’ Puff” @ Cultivated Synergy, pictured below – Seanobi has continued to research how cannabis and exercise can not just coexist, but compliment one another.
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