The world of fitness has no shortage of overpriced junk to sell you.  MonkeyStyle knows better. To build lasting strength and heal the body effectively you need exactly three things:

  1. Some flat ground
  2. Someplace to hang from
  3. Something round

Seriously, that’s it.  If you’ve taken The Program you already know this (and received the necessary equipment), but if you have space at home and want to go bananas with a concept, let’s have some fun!  MyJungleGym can help you design and build a home gym customized to your movement goals, and then teach you how to use it!

MyJungleGym includes:

  • At home consultation and goals interview
  • Equipment sourcing and purchasing
  • Computer modeling and construction, if required
  • Three guided learning sessions once construction is complete (90 min each)
  • 3 months of access to MonkeyNet online training support

Price: Variable depending on desired equipment/construction.  A quote will be given following the at home consultation and goals interview.