Private Coaching

“I want to…

       …get stronger before the next race.”

 …learn a handstand.”

…walk without pain.”

THESE are goals!

The first question I ask new clients is “So what do you want to DO?”  Most answer with some version of “lose weight,” “feel better,” or “get stronger.”

My next question is “For what?”

This is usually met with silence.  Most people don’t know why they’re exercising other than “for their health.”  This will not produce a lasting result, period.  The point of exercise and activity is to expand and enjoy one’s movement potential, not “be healthy.”  Health is a byproduct of movement, not the other way around.

At MonkeyStyle we offer three distinct ways of realizing your movement potential:

You can TRAIN, PLAY, or HEAL

TRAINing builds muscular and cardiovascular power. For this we use calisthenics, track & field, plyometrics, and other form-based methods of exercise and locomotion.

PLAYing develops agility, coordination, balance, and reaction speed. For this we use games and skill-building challenges adapted from multiple movement arts.

HEALing restores connective tissue function to reduce pain and expand Range of Motion. For this we use various methods of stretching, self-massage, and mobility work.

These three ways create healthy, autonomous movers

capable of enjoying and maintaining beautiful motion FOR LIFE.

So, what do you want to DO?

Single sessions*


$60/45 min

$70/60 min

$80/75 min


$70/45 min

$80/60 min

$90/75 min



 $600/10 hours 

$1100/20 hours

 $1500/30 hours


 $800/10 hours 

$1500/20 hours

 $2100/30 hours

*Prices reflect base pricing and are adjusted depending on travel time, capped at $20 per session/$200 per package


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