1. 1.a group of monkeys, regardless of which species.

Our series of group experiences in the Denver/Boulder corridor, Troop classes apply the Train/Play/Heal method of MonkeyStyle to fun but tough group workouts. Are you and the crew ready to seriously goof off?

Kong – 1 hour

A fast-paced, high-intensity workout with two primary goals – MOVE like a monkey, WORK like a dog! Kong classes focus on the “Train” aspect of MonkeyStyle, with a tightly-structured program that can cycle through 30+ exercises, ranging from strict isometric poses to dynamic agility drills, with short rest breaks.

Recess – 1.5 hours

Requiring an open mind and warm muscles, Recess focuses on the “Play” aspect of MonkeyStyle. Using games and skill-building challenges from a variety of movement arts, you’ll be too busy having fun to realize how much work you’re doing!

Potassium – 2 hours

Getting stronger is useful and playing is really fun, but neither is sustainable over a lifetime unless slow, methodical repair of the entire body is part of your practice. Potassium workshops focus on the “Heal” aspect of MonkeyStyle, exploring the role of fascia in joint care and pain management. Stretching, massage, posture work, and corrective exercise are the tools we’ll use to make the body supple, durable, and pain-free.

A La Carte 1 to 3 hours

Do you want a truly custom group fitness experience? Do you have a special population (older adults, children, amputees, etc.) that wants to play? Are you organizing a team-building event, and want something special to bond the troops? Let’s talk! At MonkeyStyle, the breadth of our fitness experience is wide, and our methods can be tailored to virtually any population. We’ve taught:

  • Senior populations
  • Children’s classes of all ages (3-15)
  • Ninja Warrior-themed events
  • Military veterans
  • Post-operative patients
  • Special needs (autism, Asperger’s)

We will travel on-site to your location in the Denver/Boulder corridor and deliver a TOUGH, SAFE, and FUN experience for you and your friends, family, or business. We are insured and certified to work with almost any corporate wellness plan!

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