Our series of classes taking place all over the Denver/Boulder corridor, Troop classes take the multi-disciplinary approach of MonkeyStyle and apply it to fun but tough group experiences where you’ll play as much work.  Are you and the crew ready to seriously goof off?

Kong – 1 hour

A fast-paced, high-intensity workout with two primary goals – move like a monkey, work like a dog! Kong classes cycle through as many as 30 exercises, with short rest breaks.

Go Bananas – 2 hours

Advanced recess has arrived. Go Bananas is as much a mental exercise as a muscle burner. Using games and skill-building challenges from a variety of movement arts, you’ll be too busy having fun to realize how much work you’re doing!

Brass Monkey – 3 hours

Getting stronger is useful and playing is really fun, but neither is sustainable over a lifetime unless slow, methodical repair of the entire body is part of your practice. Brass Monkey workshops take a deep dive into the world of self-maintenance to explore the role of fascia in joint care and pain management. Stretching, massage, posture, and injury diagnosis are the tools we’ll use to make the body supple, durable, and pain-free.